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12-Nov-2017 20:07

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The efforts of founder Tammy Shaklee, H4M came about from her own experiences with matchmaking and wanting to give that opportunity to gay professionals.

“I had lived in Austin for two years and I was frustrated with the dating scene,” Shaklee says.

Staff members will find out what has and has not worked for you in past relationships.

Personality and physical requirements are also taken into consideration.

Let Dating directors use pseudonyms so their name doesn't end up all over the internet! So far I can honestly say that I have not experienced anything negative. Advice to Management Be more selective about who you hire. Always striving to help as many people as possible.

“I signed up for It’s Just Lunch, and that’s where I met my husband after two years and 30 dates.

I found out that one of my girlfriends was marrying her boyfriend who she had met on It’s Just Lunch, too.” When Shaklee told a gay friend of their mutual friend, he mentioned that there weren’t any matchmaking options for gay men in Austin. If they had it for gay men, I’d be your first client.’” she says.

Either call us at 1.888.565.8624 or click here to have an It’s Just Lunch dating specialist call you.

We look forward to talking with you and determining if It’s Just Lunch is a good fit for you. One of our professional matchmakers will hand-select matches for you based upon the information we discuss in your initial interview combined with the on-going feedback we receive from you after every date and our matchmaker’s intuition. Once our matchmakers select a match for you, we will contact you by phone to tell you about the person we have chosen.Cons- culture of management is fake: they act happy but it's just a tactic to push you- you're in a customer service roll that runs like a sales role: you have to hit your numbers for dates to be set even when it encroaches on customer service- you set dates under less than ideal conditions: you may get a 5 foot guy, an obese person with nothing else going for them, an age that has no age matched in that city, or a person who lives an hour plus from a central hub - and you have to be conniving and clever to work through their contract- sales people lie and mislead people and then you're left to pick up the pieces- grown adults (customers) cry and scream if their ridiculous expectations aren't met- you're treated like a child at the office: don't get out of your seat, don't have your cell out Advice to Management Be more honest with your employees.