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After public announcement of the discovery, Lucy captured much public interest, becoming a household name at the time.Lucy became famous worldwide, and the story of her discovery and reconstruction was published in a book by Johanson.This article will explore the origins of the fossils and interpretations by evolutionists that have led to overtly human-like representations of Lucy, such as at the Field Museum in Chicago, that differ so greatly from the equally valid representation at the Creation museum.

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A controversy ensued as a number of high-profile evolutionary paleontologists objected, largely due to the fear of damage to humanity’s irreplaceable anthropological heritage.

Apart from being a geological curiosity, the constant toing-and-froing of the Earth’s polarity has proven extraordinarily useful in pin-pointing the geological ages of rocks.

This is perhaps no better illustrated than in the recent – and incredibly precise – dating of the Australopithecus sediba remains from South Africa.

Perhaps more than any other fossil, Lucy is presented as “exhibit A” for evolutionists in their attempt to show that humans evolved from an ape-like ancestor.

With the recent opening of the Lucy exhibit in the Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis felt it was appropriate to present the “Lucy story” to our web visitors as well.

The “Google Doodle” from November 24 honored the supposed human ancestor, and the drawing illustrates the worldview that believes in a supposed gradual evolution from ape to modern man, with Lucy in-between. Google isn't promoting science—they are promoting an interpretation of the past that is a key idea in the atheistic religion of naturalism. Is Lucy, the now legendary Australopithecus afarensis fossil found in 1974, the real mother of humanity? Opinions among evolutionists vary—Was Lucy the oldest pioneer of bipedality? Did her cousins walk boldly upright across Tanzania leaving footprints at Laetoli?

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